Born on a pirate ship in the middle of a raging typhoon on the Indian Ocean, Captain Jack Sparrow was born into piracy, unlike so many before him who were free to choose the lifestyle. As a youngster, he was taught to fence by a skilled Italian swordsman, and sailed aboard a ship known as...
Atlanta storyteller and puppeteer Akbar Imhotep returns to the Mobile International Festival. He is famous for his “Uncle Remus” tales and African folklore. Mr. Imhotep engages and fascinates the audience with his tales to the accompaniment of his African drum. He tells his stories with his puppets as he talks about legends and enchantment of...
Born and educated in Texas, current Daphne, Alabama resident Julie Council began studying the accordion at age nine and received a degree in classical accordion from the University of Houston. Her profesional career began at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans which led to a tour of France. Over the years she has performed...
McGuire’s Pipes and Drums was formed in 1988 under the sponsorship of McGuire’s Irish Pub and Restaurant. The band was begun and led by Mr. Jack Dasinger until his tragic death in July of 2003. Currently under the leadership of Pipe Major Wayne Willis and Drum Major Michael Zipay, this group of dedicated pipers and...
Matsuriza means “festival” in Japanese. “Taiko” means drum. The principles of Matsuriza are “Shin” (to develop pure spirit), “Gi” (improve skills), “Tai” (keep healthy body) and “Rei” (observe proper decorum). As in many Oriental philosophies, “mind and body” are important for a man’s whole well-being. Matsuriza Japanese Taiko Drummers build focus; develop a habit of...
Red McWilliams will be performing all three days of the Festival at the Scottish Society of Mobile’s “Scotland” table. With close to 275 performances to his credit in 1997, Red McWilliams has taken the right steps to become one of the most recognized names in Celtic music in the south and southwest. Combining a percussive...
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