Colin Grant-Adams, Scottish/Celtic, Folksinger, Guitarist, originally from Oban Scotland, presents a program of traditional, contemporary, and nationally acclaimed original folk songs about Scotland’s rugged landscape, “These are My Mountains”, it’s turbulent history, “Ye Jacobite’s By Name” and the Scottish immigrants’ influence on American folk and Bluegrass music, with a song Grant-Adams wrote called “Scottish American”.

Audiences have enjoyed Colin Grant-Adams’ performances in the famous folk clubs of Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Europe and across the United States. Grant-Adams’ brings new life to the traditional tunes and are delivered with a touch of humor, the telling of mystical stories and even a few sing-along songs that leave the crowds asking for more.

Colin Grant-Adams has toured and played festivals/Concerts all over the United States the last 17 years and has shared stages with artist such as Glengarry Bhoys, Seven Nations, Natalie Mac Master, Makem and Spain Brothers just to name a few.

Grant-Adams has produced eleven recordings; Come by the Hills,Glencoe, Old Friends Across the Sea, Scotland – Land of My Father, Scottish American, Traditional and Original Songs of Scotland, This Land Called Scotland, Colin Grant-Adams and His Guitar, A Toast To Scotland, Rubies and Diamonds and his latest CD, Songs for the Road.

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