Born on a pirate ship in the middle of a raging typhoon on the Indian Ocean, Captain Jack Sparrow was born into piracy, unlike so many before him who were free to choose the lifestyle. As a youngster, he was taught to fence by a skilled Italian swordsman, and sailed aboard a ship known as “The Barnacle” for most of his young life. Some would be surprised to learn that as a young adult, Jack Sparrow tried to leave the pirate life and was actually an employee of The East India Trading Company. He captained a ship then known as the “Wicked Wench”, and was hired to transport spices and merchandise for Lord Cutler Becket. One day, Lord Becket commanded Jack to instead transport slaves with his ship. This didn’t sit well with Jack, and he refused to be involved in the slave trade. This angered Becket, and for his refusal, Jack was branded a pirate once more. Cutler Becket immediately sent out a command that Jack’s ship, the “Wicked Wench”, was to be burned and sunk to the depths of the ocean. Jack was devastated by the loss of his ship. Labeled an outlaw, Jack Sparrow was promptly fired by the East India Trading Company. It was then that the he decided there had to be some way to recover his precious ship, now charred and wrecked beneath the ocean depths. Jack went in search of Davey Jones, hoping to strike a bargain with him. In exchange for servitude on the “Flying Dutchman” upon his death, Jack could have the “Wicked Wench” raised from her watery tomb and restored to him.

When his ship was raised, she was no longer the colorful and flamboyant galleon she had once been. The fires that sunk her had turned her sails black as pitch, and the coral pink paint of her body had peeled away to the dark hull beneath. Jack Sparrow took one look at her, and winced. She would need a new name befitting her current state and rebirth. It was then that Jack Sparrow re-christened her as “The Black Pearl” and took his ship back as captain.

Come meet Captain Jack and hear his tales of life upon the ocean before he sails away once again on one of his many adventures!

Captain Jack Sparrow is portrayed by professional Johnny Depp look-alike and actor, Arik Christopher, who is always available to bring the good Captain to life for private and corporate events, parties, faires, festivals, film and television. Arik Christopher has been name the Official Captain Jack Sparrow of the USS KIDD Veteran’s Memorial and the Museum of Mobile, and was honored by Mayor Kip Holden of Baton Rouge by being named an Honorary Mayor President of the City for his amazing work as Captain Jack for the city. As the Captain, he is dead on accurate both in look and mannerism, and is one of the most actively workingpuck Jack Sparrow actors in the business. He travels nationally, but is internationally-known and recognized for his work with TBS, Coca-Cola, RTV Russian Television and PBS France.

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